Internet Safety for Kids and Teens

Important Disclaimer for Parents (Click here):

The information contained within this course is for information and educational purposes only. This course is designed to support children and young people to safely use the internet. Any advice and material given is based on information from the new UK computing curriculum (key stage 1 to stage 4). This course can provide basic knowledge and practical skills, but it cannot safeguard against all risks children take online, including but not limited to, accessing harmful content, online radicalisation, sharing and sexting, sexual offending against children and bullying online. Therefore, close parental supervision and control of children and young people’s activities online is strongly advised. Code is Cool will not be held liable for any advice given or behaviour of customers during or after this course. If he/she is unsure of any legal issues, legal advice must be sought.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Recommended Age: 6 +
  • No previous course completion required.
Module 1 Key Stage 1
Unit 1 Intro to Online Safety
Unit 2 Keeping Data Safe Online
Unit 3 Intro to Identity Theft
Unit 4 Practicing Online Safety
Module 2 Key Stage 2
Unit 1 Intro to Using Technology, Safely, Respectfully & Responsibly
Unit 2 What is Intellectual Property?
Unit 3 Keeping Passwords Secure
Unit 4 Online Terms & Conditions
Module 3 Key Stage 3
Unit 1 E-Safety & Internet Guidelines
Unit 2 Keeping Information Private
Unit 3 Deleting Sensitive Information
Unit 4 Talking to a Trusted Adult
Unit 5 Trojans and Viruses
Module 4 Key Stage 4
Unit 1 How Changes in Technology Affect Safety