Building a Cops and Robbers Game with Python

Course Prerequisites:

  • Recommended Age: 9 +
  • Python Basics┬ácourse completion recommended.
Module 1 Module 1
Unit 1 Intro to our Game - Getting Started with PyGame!
Unit 2 Setting Up Our Game
Unit 3 Importing and Initialising PyGame
Unit 4 Loading Images, Objects and Sounds
Unit 5 Starting the Game Loop
Unit 6 Adding Scenery
Unit 7 Make the Cop Move
Unit 8 Making our Cop Turn
Unit 9 Shoot, Cop, Shoot!
Unit 10 Robbers on the Attack!
Unit 11 Hitting Robbers with the Bullets!
Unit 12 Adding a Health Meter and Clock
Unit 13 Winners and Losers!
Unit 14 Music and Sound Effects!
Unit 15 Conclusion