Building a Bouncing Ball Game with Scratch

Course Prerequisites:

Module 1 Module 1
Unit 1 Setting up our Game
Unit 2 Making the Ball Bounce
Unit 3 Keep it Bouncing!
Unit 4 Set a Direction
Unit 5 Creating a Paddle
Unit 6 Back to Scripts
Unit 7 Making the Ball Bounce off the Paddle
Unit 8 Testing and Making Adjustments
Unit 9 Creating our ‘If-Then’ Block
Unit 10 Add the Responses for the Game
Unit 11 Add Sound to Your Game
Unit 12 Adding a Brick
Unit 13 Adding Action to the Brick
Unit 14 Lets Score the Game!
Unit 15 Building More Bricks!
Unit 16 Editing the Script
Unit 17 Cloning Blocks
Unit 18 Adjusting Motion
Unit 19 Adding ‘When I Start as a Clone Block’
Unit 20 Adding Show and Hide Blocks
Unit 21 Adding and Configuring Another Repeat Block
Unit 22 Centering the Bricks
Unit 23 Changing the Color of the Bricks
Unit 24 Adding ‘You Win’!