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Who we are…

We run online affordable technology training courses for kids and teenagers.

We are an innovative organisation that aims to deliver a ‘dynamic and fun’ curriculum that will fuel the next generation of tech geniuses. The courses endeavour to introduce and to expand on the ICT units that are taught in schools and spark an interest in technology. We aim to teach kids and teenagers real world and practical examples of projects they can develop by expanding on their knowledge of computer science, i.e. website projects and mobile application development.

Coding and technology skills are a great foundation for almost any road chosen later in life. Coding encourages critical thinking, problem solving and often a need to re-evaluate the world around you. Web and game development and design skills fuel creative thinking .

With our courses, kids and teenagers can improve their computer skills, develop confidence and engage in interactive learning, while having fun!

E-Learning Tutorials

All our courses feature animated video tutorials from beginning to end! We have a variety of courses for both kids and teenagers.

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Quizzes and Resources

Test your knowledge with quizzes and access resources such as templates, source codes and graphics to expand on the websites, apps and games you build!

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Courses in Partnership with Schools

The CodeIsCool team also work in partnership with schools by providing in class and extra-curricular content to schools. Contact us today for details!

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Python is a powerful, expressive and easy to learn programming language. Having a foundation in Python is a fantastic start to becoming a programming ninja!


PHP is the most popular server-side language and it requires minimal set-up. You can use it to make dynamic websites and web applications.


Learn how to make your websites interactive and how to build browser based games with Javascript!


WordPress is an open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which runs on a web hosting service.


HTML is the core of a website. HTML allows you to create websites. CSS is a way to “style” your site over many pages in a standard way.

App Development

Combine your HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge and learn how to create exciting mobile applications! Now what’s stopping your from launching the next chart topping app!

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"I really enjoyed the app development course. I have a few ideas for apps and I'm really excited to start building them! I'm still learning all the time but I definitely understand the basics now and I feel like I have a great platform to work from!"

− Steven, 14, London

"I did the website development course and it really helped with the computer classes I had been doing at school. What we do in school is quite boring but on the course I learnt how to create fun websites and add cool features. It really made website development fun and I love being able to see my creations come to life! I feel like I could already charge people for my web services but I am still a bit too young for that!"

− Carrie, 15, London

"I sent my nine year old to the game building with Scratch course. He still hasn't stopped talking about how much fun he had and loves 'programming' on it now. I think he gets bored in school as he is quite smart compared to his peers but the course really seemed to feed his intellect and get him started with programming. I know he will be a little whizz in no time!"

− Marie, London (parent)